Saturday, 1 March 2014

Making a publishing plan

I have lately begun some negotiations with Merrimack Media, a company based in the Merrimack Valley, which stretches between Massachausets and New Hampshire. This is to help me understand and break into the American market from the UK where I am based.

Merrimack have an impressive back catalogue, judging from a search of the Library of Congress catalogue and an Amazon search.

Looking at their website I see that they are organising what looks like an excellent conference in Conneticut, which explains all the things I need to know about self-publishing, namely:
  • Get a well-designed cover to attract your audience
  • Distribute your book using online, bookstore and other channels.
  • Generate publicity using social media, book readings, PR, book reviews and more
  • Build an online presence with a WordPress blog and and website
  • Harness the power of social media
  • Develop a media kit and sell sheet
  • Develop your own WordPress website
  • Make a video trailer
  • Crowd-fund your book
  • Make a plan for success
Merrimack charge for their services and take a cut of the royalties of the book too, which seems a bit like having your cake and eating it. Nevertheless, I believe they will give good personal attention to my project, and get the job done well, which is the main thing that I want.

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